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Vinyl Fence - Iron Fence
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Steel Fence, the Metal Fence of Choice

Wrought Iron, Ornamental Iron, Iron, Metal, Steel, and Aluminum are all terms used to describe a metal fence. So! Which will it be? Iron and aluminum are metals mined from the earth. Iron alone is difficult to work with and thus ornamental iron pieces are wrought from iron. Thus the description �wrought iron�. On the other hand, steel is derived from iron by direct reduction with carbon. Steel and aluminum can be pressed into metal sheets then cut, bent, stretched and shaped into many ornamental pieces which are then powder coated usually black. Wrought Iron fence has a majestic, royal look and is expensive. Steel fence has a grand, stately look and is less expensive.

Metal Fencing

We have installed steel and aluminum fencing around many office buildings, charter schools, satalite equipment and churches. Usually for esthetic reasons next to residential neighborhoods where chain link would be unacceptably too plain. Call us for an estimate.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is more expensive than cedar but requires little or no maintenance. Having installed Vinyl Fence for large neighborhood housing projects where Vinyl Fencing was a requirement, we know Vinyl Fencing. Gates are custom manufactured at the factory.

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